What are ME2 products ?

After an innovative product positioned itself on the marktet, there are companies that copy and release it in a similar way. These imitations are called Me-too-products. For example Amazon.com was the first internet bookseller in 1994. Soon afterwards Buch.de, Barnesandnoble.com, etc. were released.

Me-too-products don't necessarily have to performe worse than their originals or have a smaller share of the market. Microsoft for example managed to replace the first-mover Netscape with their Interner Explorer. Innovators often have great ideas but the lack of managing skill and experience leads them to mistakes and missed chances.

On the other hand those replicants should take care of not just copying the original but improving it. A new produkt mix can lead to differentiation potential and more competition.


One of the first mobile Phones was the Motorola DynaTec in 1983. It was able to communicate, weights around 800g and costed about 3.995$.
The next mobile phone was the Motorola StarTAC in 1996. This time it weighed just 100g and it was the first flip phone on the market.
The breakthrough came with Apples mobile phone in 2007. Apple first combined their computer technologie with a mobile phone. Soon the smartphones were able to write E-Mails, edit photos and even pay bills.


The Dynabook was one of the first tablets during the 1970s. It had an integrated Keyboard and looked similar to tablets today.
It was again Apple who developed the Newton MessagePad in 1993. It was the precursor of very popular PDA's later those years.
A few years later, after Apple presented their iPhone in 2007, the first generation of iPads in 2010 were released. Today tablets are multifunctional, transportable mini-pc without keyboards.


1972 was the year of the first console ever. The Magnavox Odysee. And you could only play Pong! In 1976 Coleco presented their Telstar Console and one year later the first Atari, the Atari Home Pong was released.
After the first successful years the video game industrie crashed due to home computers in 1983.
Luckily the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released the same year and saved the industrie. Many well known titles like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Castlevanie were released for the NES later on.
Today consoles aren't only computers to play some games on but also some multimedia devices.

Energy Drinks

The first energie drinks were uesd by the japanese pilotes during world war 2. This caffeine drink boosted their visual abilities and soon became fashion in Asia. During the 80's the drink came from Thailand to Europe thanks to the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz. There it soon was adopted by the alternative and club youth culture due to good marketing.


The patent for jeans was claimed in 1973 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Davis had the idea to strengthen pants by adding some rivet. Levi had the money and the customers for this produkt.
After world war 2 the amerikans brought the jeans to Europe. In the early 50's the jeans was a symbol for rebellion. Later in the 80's it became more and more popular and today it is essential for every wardrobe.

Air Suspension

Nike is one of the leading companys when it comes to shoes. Lately they rolled out their Nike Air Collection. Those Shoes have a special sole which absorbs the impact and returns to its original shape. Thanks to this sole and the fact that these shoes are extremely lightweight they're often used by athletes.

Kitchen Machine

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